Festival dei Colli *
05-07-2017 - 31-08-2017
The 'Festival of the Hills' organizes throughout the whole summer classical music concerts and concerts of masterclasses in two locations...
Preggio Music festival *
22-07-2017 - 16-08-2017
Oustanding classical music and opera's inside or outside in the giardino (garden) of Chiesa San Francesco or the Chiesa della S.S. Trinità
Corciano Festival *
05-08-2017 - 20-08-2017
The glory of this influential city in the Middle Ages is commemorated in all kinds of events.
Festival Internazionale Green Music *
07-08-2017 - 27-08-2017
A music festival organised by Maurizio Mastrini, Umbrian pianist and composer..."unconventional"..."wild heart"... "a link between classical music and new contemporary music"...
Palio Dei Terzieri *
09-08-2017 - 20-08-2017
An eye-catching spectacle with parades, theater, music, dance and good food from the early Middle Ages.
Vinarelli – Agosto Torgianese *
11-08-2017 - 20-08-2017
A festival that combines culture, art and wine in one of the best wine regions of Umbria.
Donazione della Santa Spina *
12-08-2017 - 20-08-2017
Splendid Historical Commemoration of the Donation of the Holy Thorn. A week of medieval performances, street artists, archery contests, costumes and authentic taverns. Don't miss Sunday 20 August!
Trofeo Automobilistico “Luigi Fagioli” *
The race-course of the "Luigi Fagioli" Trophy, recognized by many as the "Montecarlo delle saliti" (Montecarlo of the climbs) is 4150 m long and runs from Gubbio to Madonna della Cima.
Festa di Grutti *
23-08-2017 - 27-08-2017
GRUTTI (Gualdo Cattaneo)
The festival of Grutti was founded in honor of patron Saint Maria d'Agello, bringing you to medieval times with the best traditional dishes of Grutti, music, performances, exhibitions and more...
Hispellum *
24-08-2017 - 27-08-2017
Hispellum (Spello) recalls the most prominent date of its history: 336 AD.





Il Perugino: ‘his works’
'Il Perugino', the man from Perugia, was one of Italy's most famous painters (ca.1450 - 1523) He represented the typical 'Umbrian School'...
Assumption of Mary the Virgin, Titian, 1516-1518
Every year on 15 August, the most important holiday is celebrated throughout the whole of Italy: Ferragosto...
Il Perugino: ‘his life’
'Il Perugino', the man from Perugia, was one of Italy's most famous painters (ca.1450 - 1523) He represented the typical 'Umbrian School'...
Museo Regionale della Ceramica
This museum in Deruta is the oldest Italian museum for ceramics. It was founded in 1898 and has over 6000 unique pieces of art.
The focaccia is well known throughout Italy, but actually you can find the flat bread along  the Mediterranean from Spain to Turkey.
Songs from the past (1)
The typical Umbrian 'Canti Populari',  popular (folk) songs, are peculiar. Mountains, poverty and hard life are reflected in their harsh songs. Part 1